I read an article once that said: “We shouldn’t be rating ourselves, we should just be ourselves.”

I value that I love deeply, and unconditionally. I value who I am – an individual who has been on a journey to become authentically me, and who values integrity above all else. In life, I value waking up every day, and being able to share more of life with my husband and children.

“Be your own coach. Coach yourself on how to be kind to yourself, to love yourself, and to value yourself.” – #adaptandbe

Valuing one’s self and life requires self-awareness and self-assessment. Think about what means most to you, who you are, and what you want to be in life. Think about what you would rather do, who you want to spend your time with, and what footprints or memories you want to leave behind. Pay attention to your core values. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop allowing others to determine your worth.

You are unique. It’s what makes us different that makes life exciting, and less dull. Why be the same as others? Why do what others do? Uniqueness is what gives us value. Appreciate your individual value, and your contribution to life.

What we value in life makes life worth living. Our values help us determine right from wrong. Life is full of learnings, experiences and memories. Make it worthwhile by valuing yourself, and valuing what you have created for yourself in your life. You are the creator of your life’s journey.

One of the memories that come to mind that immediately makes me think of how often life is taken for granted, is when my mother-in-law passed away in a car accident in January 2012. We had spent the Christmas holiday together, and we were driving back home. My father-in-law left earlier in the morning to get back to the City to sort out some banking matters ahead of a business trip the next day. My husband, the children and I left later in the afternoon for the drive back home. My husband initially urged Mom to leave with us, but she was adamant that she wanted to do a few more things around the house, and would leave later. The drive from where we were was about an hour and thirty minutes. We had just arrived home when my husband received the worst call of his entire life. What I want to share about this tragedy was how my husband shared his feelings, but also the value of Mom’s life to him. He said:

“It is a significant understatement to say that the past nine days have been difficult. They have been truly awful. Many tears have been wept, many questions have been asked. It is still so surreal and the shock lingers.

We mourn the passing of Mom. We grieve. The pain finds every fibre of the body. And our souls are in turmoil. Life will not be the same again. We miss her and will continue to miss her for the rest of our days. Many more tears are to be wept.

However, in the midst of the sorrow, we must realise that we have been truly blessed. Truly blessed to have known this incredible individual as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend or a colleague. The world was indeed fortunate to have had her for 64 years.

In paying tribute to her, I thought I would start by listing some words one could associate with Mom. These are certainly not exhaustive, and I encourage you to think of your own. This list is as follows:

  1. Beautiful
  2. Classy
  3. House Proud
  4. Tradition
  5. Food
  6. Laughter
  7. Thoughtfulness
  8. Family
  9. Grandmother
  10. Mother
  11. Wife
  12. Love

Please bear with me as I expand on each of the above.”

And so he did. The above is but just an excerpt of what he had to say. Every single point was unpacked in a way that brought value to mom as an individual and demonstrated the value she contributed to other’s lives. And in so doing demonstrated the value of her overall life based on what she chose, her likes, wants, and needs. Essentially, the footprints and memories she left behind.

Losing a loved one is filled with the deepest of sadness, and the grief that follows can sometimes take a very long time to work through.

Despite life’s up’s and down’s, its busyness and the many challenges we are often juggling, or curve balls we are often thrown, find the value in:

  • Being thankful – for those nearest and dearest to us, and for the opportunities we have been afforded in life.
  • Taking ownership and being accountable – by putting in the effort, accepting the impact and sometimes consequences of our thoughts and actions, and not limiting ourselves.
  • Continuously making self-development and learning a part of you are – by never stopping looking for those lessons in life, and never giving up on being more than we currently are.
  • Balance in your life – because it’s a cycle. We have to work in order to earn, we have to earn in order to live, but to live fully we need to be happy.
  • Being the best you – by being reliable, sincere, and trusting to yourself first, then you can be this to others.

So this week I encourage you to value self, and value life. I leave you with this beautiful poem to Live Life to the Fullest by AnitaPoems.com

Live Life To The Fullest

To Follow your heart, and intuition, 
That should be, your number one mission.
Listen to your inner voice,
Live your life, through your choice.

The point is to love, what you are doing, 
Your deepest passions; should be pursuing.
Every moment, live excited,
Every morning, be delighted.

Always look forward, to what is ahead, 
Your thoughts and wisdom, gracefully spread.
Living life to the fullest, is up to you,
Look in the mirror, always be true.

Until next time…

Yours in Adapting & Being

Adapt&Be General

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