Are you the kind of person who always speaks from your heart? Or, are you the kind of person that prefers to keep your honest thoughts and feelings to yourself? Think about a time when you spoke truthfully about something affecting you at home. Then, think about a time when you needed to speak truthfully about what you thought about someone else’s work ethic at the office but you didn’t. What was the outcome?

I believe it is important to speak from the heart. It’s important for you and others to know your truth and your thoughts. After all, feelings are a part of who we are. Thoughts and feelings impact every part of you in the way it makes you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. It has an impact on everyone around you in terms of your relationships and even daily interactions with acquaintances and strangers.

Being able to speak openly and honestly can make us feel lighter, can make us feel happier, and overall give us peace of mind and heart. This, even when what we have to say is a bit uncomfortable.

I have opened myself up completely in the posts I have shared on my blog. I have shared my experiences and the thoughts and feelings I have had about my experiences. Yes, I have done so in a virtual world with many reading what I write not knowing me nor even having seen a picture of me. But there are many who do know me who I have invited to my blog who didn’t know most of what I have shared. And, they have met me, worked with me and some of whom are very close to me. I don’t mind, because my truth is mine. I don’t mind because nobody else can define me for me. I don’t mind because my experiences make me who I am today, and if anyone else can find some sort of motivation or just resonate with some of what I have shared, then that someone can find the strength when they need to draw on strength from elsewhere, or that someone can know they are not alone in what they feel.

When speaking from the heart it is critical to be open and honest in our communication. I know from experiences with many, that people can sometimes find this hard to do. Especially, when it’s a difficult conversation. There is a fear of being judged, being ridiculed, or even breaking a relationship. Often we don’t realise that this very fear is realised not because you were open and honest but because of the danger of the unsaid. Not speaking from the heart can break your heart. Not telling someone you love that you love them may mean they never realise it and move on with someone else. Not telling someone you love and are with that you want to spend more time with them despite the crazy work and housekeeping schedule creates more distance, not just physically but emotionally, which often can be more dangerous. These are just examples of why it may be important to speak from the heart.

Stop thinking and feeling, and allowing others to think and feel, that speaking from the heart makes you seem vulnerable and therefore that you are weak. Being sincere, even if you seem vulnerable is powerful. When you speak from the heart, you are being brave.

In order to get through a conversation that requires you to speak from the heart, remember to be honest, always have good intentions even when what you have to say people might not like, focus on your thoughts and feelings and be considerate of the other person’s feelings. Be compassionate and take deep breaths if you need to. Also, as far as is possible, prepare yourself. Know what you want to or have to say, and get it out no matter what. Be calm, and if it gets slightly heated, just breathe and remain as calm as is possible. It is also okay to take a few minutes if needed and get back to the conversation.

So always say what you need to from the heart. Be empathetic, remember your intentions in every conversation, and ensure it comes from a good place.

 Until next time…

Yours in Adapting & Being


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