It goes without saying that the mind is incredibly powerful. It is defined as:

“A set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, judgement, language and memory.”

It’s in our minds that we formulate thoughts, feelings and desires. Many of these are in our unconscious mind such as memories or interests. Those in our conscious mind are what we are fully aware of, whether it be within ourselves, a situation we are exposed to or something actually happening in our life. In life, we all have so much going on all the time, stretching ourselves so thinly to be all things to everyone and ourselves. Even on the rare occasion or temporary periods we are not thinly stretched, we are filled with feelings of things that haven’t happened, should happen, can’t happen, what we did do or didn’t do…and so on. All of which clutters up the mind! And can drive one mad!

I decided to write this particular post because my mind is very much cluttered at the moment and I am in need of a decluttering. When I have a mind full of clutter, I become incredibly restless and this obscures my ability to focus on what’s important and my goals. This results inevitably in no fulfilment or achievement.

Perhaps this post can make you think about whether you need to declutter, whether some of my tips can help with that declutter, or just arm you with some advice you might be able to give someone else who needs help decluttering.


  1. Write it all down – list everything you worry about past, present and future. Then why it worries you, and what you can do about it, and what you need to let go.
  2. Let it go – linked to the previous point about letting go, the past is a good example. Accept that there is nothing you can do about the past so keep focused on what is within your control. And that is the present and future.
  3. Prioritise – focus on one task or hurdle at a time based on urgency and importance. Breakdown each item into mini-tasks – no need to complete an entire task at once.
  4. Structure/Organisation – initiate (start), plan (why, what, when and how), execute (assess), control (track) and close (analyse). Keep going with this formula from one task to the next.
  5. Visualise – make everything on your list a room, and as you go, visualise clearing one room to the next in your mind.

Bonus Tips

  1. Talk to someone – the power of getting it all out is magical. The immediate release of taking off the extra baggage and feeling lighter helps bring perspective, gets you re-focused and will give you more energy.
  2. Patience – be kind to yourself.
  3. Take a break – just switch off for a bit. Day dream, go have fun with someone or do something you love, have a treat.

“The Joy of Mindfulness – Declutter your mind, relieve stress, increase your awareness, and reclaim you inner peace” – Neil Francis

So join me in taking back control of our mental space when we have a mind full of clutter. Tidy up in there and free up some headspace!

Until next time…

Yours in Adapting & Being

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