A few days ago I came across an article about a workaholic dad who had lost his 8 year old son. I am always deeply affected by sadness experienced in other’s lives and especially when it includes children. Many of us working parents are stretched for time. We need to keep our busy households going and meet all our work commitments and goals. And as much as we talk about balance, the one thing that often seems most neglected is the quality of our time with our loved ones and how present we are in our interactions with them.

“In business, what you don’t get done today can be done tomorrow. But with family, what doesn’t get done today is gone forever.” – Rory Vaden

We have different roles in our families. In my home, I am a wife to my husband and a mother to my children. Each of my relationships with them – my husband and my 3 children – requires different levels of love, communication, support, encouragement, guidance and time. I know most of you can resonate with this. In addition, we have the responsibility of shaping a framework of values for our family. We also need to provide the space for personal growth, a space to share life’s joys and sorrows, and a space where we learn from each other irrespective of role or age. But, do we have these spaces, do we make the time, do we actively think about what and how we do this or do we just go through the motions and moments of when we think it is needed?

In the article which featured this dad’s heart-breaking letter he warns parents to put family before work. He writes about meetings in our work life we make the time for and that we need to have meetings with our children too. I will link the full article below if you would like to have a read, but here is an excerpt thereof which really only is the content of the dad’s letter:

Eight years ago, during the same month, I had twin boys and co-founded Cloudability. About three months ago Cloudability was acquired. About three weeks ago we lost one of our boys.

When I got the call I was sitting in a conference room with 12 people at our Portland office talking about PTO policies. Minutes earlier, I had admitted to the group that in the last 8 years I’d not taken more than a contiguous week off.

My wife and I have an agreement that when one of us calls, the other answers. So when the phone rang I stood up and walked to the conference room door immediately.

I was still walking through the door when I answered with “Hey, what’s up.?”

Her reply was icy and immediate: “J.R., Wiley is dead.”

I hope this gets you thinking. We all need to constantly re-evaluate our priorities based on what is most important in our life. Read the full article by clicking the link below:


Put your family first. You have chosen to spend the rest of your life with your partner for a reason. If you have chosen to have children, shape their childhood to be one they remember for all the happy and grateful reasons. We deserve to enjoy our life and make the most of it with the people we love dearly and could not imagine life without having them in it. So make it count!

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