I believe that some of our life events and experiences shape who we are. And that it is as a result of these events and experiences that we decide who we want to be and how we want to be seen. These events and experiences also contribute to our ability to choose or not to choose how we approach or respond to what happens, and the impact we allow what happens to have on our lives.

I have shared some very personal experiences in my life over a number of blog posts. Some examples relate to growing up in a very strict environment, walking away from a marriage and making choices my family didn’t support for religious reasons. I believe wholeheartedly that were it not for certain people affording me the opportunity to choose, to show me the importance of your own dreams and aspirations and more importantly the value of being your true self, I might not have made the life altering decisions I had. I might not have learned what was different and unique about me, what I was capable of, and what made me feel truly happy. I also would not have learned that I can be strong, that I can overcome fear, and that life’s challenges is also what makes life interesting. And every step of the way, if you’re really paying attention, you grow more personally.

There were people, events and experiences in my life who have contributed to where I am today and have guided me in a direction that has shaped me into what I believe is a strong, independent, empathetic individual who values integrity above all else. I know that there are people, events and experiences that have contributed to who you are and have become.

Just yesterday, my best friend shared more about herself and her dad’s life. Her dad sadly died 21 years ago after he contracted an infection after bypass surgery. For as long as we have been friends, and despite how much we know about each other, there is always something new to discover. What she shared spoke volumes about just how much her father’s past, his passions and his goodwill has shaped the values she so naturally demonstrates today. She shared that her dad was amazing, funny and extremely caring. And how his actions taught her and her siblings about humility.

I know that an important influence in my husband’s life was his grandmother who he lost 13 years ago. I sadly never got the chance to meet her but his accounts of her inner strength, empathy, love, wisdom and integrity show that she left an indelible impression on his life. She was a person that he trusted more than anyone else and someone he could talk to about anything.  She shaped who he is today and how he approaches life.

Always appreciate the value of the people in your life, the events and experiences good and bad you endure, and how it shapes who you are. And if just a small part of who you are positively contributes to shaping others, you are an amazing individual. So keep doing what you’re doing.

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