A Tribute to my Husband on our 10th Wedding Anniversary

A decade of marriage – I cannot believe it! For some, this might be a long time and for others, it might not. For me, it both is and isn’t. We have already shared a life filled with so much love, happiness, sadness, frustration, difficulty, and discomfort. And I cannot wait for the next 10 years, and the next, and the next…

When I think of time, I cannot believe we have been married for 10 years. However, we have made so many memories, have learned so many lessons about life, marriage and relationships, families and have tried our best to raise our children, who test us regularly since the dawn of the dreaded teenage years.

I remember our incredibly special wedding day. The weeks and days leading up to it were emotionally draining. Trying to plan one of the most special days in our life whilst trying to cope with and navigate our way through family drama because my family wouldn’t accept our decision, our plans, our life, because they did not approve. This, for no other reason, other than religion, which we both respect. But I couldn’t be happier that we stood our ground, as hard as it was, because our connection was just too powerful to ignore. Despite it all, and albeit without the support and presence of the people I wanted there, it was one of the best days of my entire life. All the little surprises at various points on the day were incredible. Just as incredible and surprising as the proposal immediately after watching a rugby match – the other love in my husband’s life.

The birth of a child is always one of the most special moments in life. For me, this started a few hours before our youngest son’s arrival. Our morning started with dropping our two older children off at school. Two children from my previous marriage my husband welcomed into his life without hesitation – two children who would not know what having a father is like had he not come into our life. We were about to leave for the hospital when my husband hugged me and just cried. I didn’t know what to do, but I understood, even though there were no words.

I am an incredibly blessed individual to have the husband I do. He is intelligent, kind, caring and funny in a way that I feel only I can understand at times. He makes me laugh, cry, angry, happy and sad. Sometimes all at once. He accepts me for who I am, even in my darkest times. He is there when I need him the most and when I am so upset with him I don’t want him there in the moment. The most frustrating thing about my husband, but I have accepted now that it will always be this way, is his unwillingness to argue with me when all I really want is to have it out. And all he wants is for me to get it out so he can make it better and we can both move on. I do find this frustrating but really it is what makes him so incredibly special.

Our children are incredibly blessed to have my husband as their dad. He is the best role model our children could ever have. He is hardworking, ethical and has so much patience. I will never forget when we first got together. The first outing with our oldest son who was just 3 at the time involved a wetting accident because he (my son) couldn’t hold it. This while my husband was carrying him through a park. What a way to get to know each other and for my husband to get a glimpse of what was his future raising three children.

Yes, we have had our share of struggles as every relationship has. Our work-life primarily has in the past definitely caused problems. The crazy travel schedules were especially taxing on our relationship and family life. What I appreciate most about us is our absolute dedication to each other and our children to make our life work. We make decisions to make things better when it is not working for the sake of being together. This and many other reasons are what make us great together.

So to you my darling husband. Thank you for the life we are making together. Thank you for making me feel special as often as you do. Thank you for being my ultimate best friend. Thank you for seeing me in a way I was never seen before. Through your eyes, I was able to get to know myself. Thank you for always understanding me like nobody else ever has or ever will. You and our children are my life – now and always. I love you…

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