Respect is essential no matter who you are, where you are, what you have or who you may be connected to.

Respect in society is a non-negotiable. Yet, for some, it seems hard. I have witnessed so many people treated disrespectfully and know everyone reading this post would have also. In fact, you more than likely have been on the receiving end of someone being disrespectful toward you. Also, have you been disrespectful to someone? Think about it – you couldn’t possibly feel good about it. So in the moment, always think about your behaviour and how what you are doing or saying will make the next person feel.

We need respect in society to build trust, to feel safe and for our wellbeing. We need to feel that what we have to say, who we are and the way we choose to live our lives are accepted. We don’t need to agree with each other or even like each other to accept that everyone deserves respect. Ultimately, it’s critical in our everyday life.

Just this past weekend, I was treated by my husband to a weekend away at a very high-class venue deep in the country side. Not our usual scene – very Downton Abbey like, but we were celebrating a big milestone anniversary after all. I couldn’t help but notice the stark difference in the way majority of the other guests were treating the staff. Yes, there is clearly an enormous wealth divide, but so was there between us (my husband and I) and the rest of the guests. Despite the arrogance, sarcasm, abrupt and downright disrespectful way some of the guests interacted with staff serving them, these staff carried on being polite, overly accommodating and attentive. They were always smiling in their acknowledgement and service to, in my view, their rude guests. Please and thank you also seemed so rare and rather making requests or placing their order in the restaurant and at breakfast was sort of demanding and expecting in tone.

These staff in my view didn’t genuinely respect these guests. What should naturally be perceived as respect was merely respect imposed on them as a result of the guest’s superiority. A superiority that comes from a position of power and wealth. This is one example of what is wrong with our society and why it is that respect is lacking in society.

Another example is in online and telecommunications. People in call centres are verbally and emotionally abused daily. It really isn’t hard to say you aren’t interested or don’t have time for a call in a decent manner. Others hide behind screens and send the most disrespectful emails. Why? It really isn’t necessary.

You have nothing to lose by being respectful. In fact, often, kindness gains so much more. So treat everyone the way you expect to be treated. Forget about the differences that might be considered superior or inferior. We are all human and it costs nothing to treat each other with respect.

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