Managing Weight & Loving Food

Like so many of you, I absolutely love food. For me, good food is anything with loads of flavour and if it has some extra spicy heat, then I’m even happier. One of my favourite things to do in life is to cook and eat, and to go out and eat. There are times though when I just feel unhealthy, not because of what I eat but rather because of how much I eat. An example you might be able to resonate with is at Christmas time. For me Christmas style indulging can happen at various times in a year and more often than they probably should. There are times I look in the mirror or simply just get dressed and can see and feel the added weight that has piled on and I feel depressed. If you are like me, what do you do?

A few things I have done in the past and also very recently are: exercise, a fad diet, swapping high calorie foods with low calorie substitutes or simply drastically reducing my calorie intake per day. I have also gone with eating just one meal per day. Some of these things I have done this week and feel absolutely over it. Which usually happens every time I find myself in this place because I am just not disciplined enough about it and frankly, neither do I want to be.

And yes, I have had talks with myself in the past to keep going, to persevere, that I will feel better about myself and it doesn’t happen. I am just not that committed to being a certain weight, which I really wish I could be, and love good, tasty, satisfying, comforting food way too much.

If you feel this way too, don’t do what I’ve done this week and in the past. Don’t put pressure on yourself to always and forever more fit into the clothes you used to. Also don’t succumb to the pressures of society in terms of weight. Love yourself and others just as we are, but remember to ensure you are healthy.

Managing our weight is critical for our health. The only thing that should matter is not losing weight for the scale to reflect a number that is perceived to be acceptable, but rather to manage our weight within a healthy range so that it doesn’t increase our risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers and a host of other illnesses and diseases associated with being in an unhealthy weight range.

Be flexible with your eating habits whatever that entails for you. Before moving to the UK, there was a brief period I tried incorporating more of a flexitarian diet into my family lifestyle. To my surprise my children didn’t mind it at all – as long as it was packed with flavour. So this is what I will be doing going forward and we’re starting next week. This should help with creating more of a balanced diet by cutting out certain food groups on occasional days.

Essentially, we can love food and manage our weight through long term balanced eating. A daily dose of physical exercise will also go a long way and can be as simple as a daily walk, which I actually love and can be more disciplined about. Being too hard on ourselves about food and weight and being too rigid with diets and calorie intake causes too much frustrations and cravings. So say yes to flexible eating habits and when you do indulge, forgive the food for how good it is and forgive yourself. Simply be more mindful of your eating habits and maintain a healthy weight to keep you living your best life.

And if your best life is having a goal weight and always fitting into your little black dress from 10 years ago, then that is good too. Just be you!

It’s amazing what thinking about, planning and writing a blog post can do. I have inspired and motivated myself, and finally have a sustainable plan for managing my weight and still loving food. – #adaptandbe

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