As a mother of three, I am so often caught up in juggling work and family life. Often, moments that I should be more aware of, pass me by without me noticing or appreciating them.

My children, aged ten, twelve and fourteen have grown up so quickly. Just the other day, my baby boy turned double digits and it got me thinking of how fast time is going. Often, I don’t notice changes in my children until they are really significant and it seems changes have happened overnight. There are times when I believe they went to bed and woke up taller in the morning. I was looking at my twelve year old daughter the other day (hard to believe she becomes a teenager in just five months).  We were out shopping and she was walking ahead and then turned back to speak to her dad and I. Instantly, I noticed her mannerisms had changed and she suddenly came across as more mature than I remembered in the seconds before. I commented on it to my husband immediately. Of course, all this is not just happening in the moment. It feels like it is in the moment because I am not paying close enough attention to day to day developments.

So much about our children change constantly. I feel the more independent my children become, the less I notice the little changes. The business of life contributes to not noticing sometimes what I wish I had paid more attention to or noticed sooner.

Then of course, there are all the body and mood changes. This I especially wish I was more attuned to. I feel these changes suddenly creep up on me and I sometimes don’t know how to deal with my reactions, let alone how my children are reacting.

What I have come to realise in the last few weeks though – and which is causing me much sadness- is that soon my children will be so independent and will have their own even more full social lives. The fact is that my husband and I no longer have many years of full weekends and holidays with them – all of us together. Each will be going off to do their own thing. I suppose I am just experiencing a case of empty nest syndrome way in advance.

What all this has recently made me mindful of is to pay more attention to the changes in my children physically, mentally and emotionally. To treasure the next few years and make as many memories together as possible before they become adults. And for me personally to just focus on creating a home that is filled with love, laughter and for them to take away values from our home that will enable them to thrive and live a life where integrity and respect for others are at the core of who they are.

So live in the now, make memories for the future and be mindful and embrace the changes life brings even though it might make you sad.

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