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Decluttering improves our spaces and our health!

In our busy everyday lives, we sometimes stuff our closets, cabinets, draws with everything that belongs in it and also all those things we don’t have a designated space for. There are times we just stuff things elsewhere rather than in its place. We stash things away for when we will have the time to sort through them, but that day never comes.

Decluttering has been found to create healthier habits, boost mental health as well as improve self-care. A home free of clutter is easier to maintain and makes cleaning easier and faster. Removing clutter makes the air in your home cleaner due to less dust and toxins. With less stuff, your thinking becomes less cluttered, which can make it easier to make decisions and makes you feel less anxious. Overall, a clean, clearer space makes one feel calmer and in control of your space.

Often the hardest part of anything is to start. When you do, you don’t have to declutter everything all at once. If it sounds more bearable and manageable, start with just 5 minutes at a time.

So whether it’s your home, a room or cabinet in your home, your growing to-do lists, your head and yes, even your heart, declutter away!

Yours in Adapting & Being

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