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Minimalism is all about living with less. Keeping what is necessary and is most valued. Creating a space that makes cleaning easier and organising simpler.

A minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone and doesn’t look the same for everyone. Being minimalist is intentional – you decide what you can or want to, and cannot or will not live without. It’s all about creating a happier, less crowded space based on the life you choose. Essentially a life where you want to do more with your time – enjoying more life experiences.

Millions of minimalists have declared having less stress, a clearer mind and more financial freedom as a result of adopting a minimalist lifestyle. Many have conveyed that we should remember that possessions can be replaced, while friends and loved ones cannot be.

Two top minimalist trends are decorating and fashion. Simply put – keeping it simple by having essential and functional pieces while streamlining shapes and having a small selection of colours.

“Minimalism is about intentionality, not deprivation.” – D. Stojanivic

However you choose to be a minimalist, be honest with yourself.

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