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Remote working has grown over the last number of years. There are countless reports on the benefits of working from home in terms of having more of a work-life balance but also in terms of productivity and mental wellbeing.

COVID-19 has forced remote working for millions more across the world. The world of technology we live in has made it possible for many of us to be able to make this transition in this extraordinary health crisis. There has been a huge spike in communication and information sharing of software and tools that will enable certain jobs to continue from home.

Working from home requires a behavioural and mindset change. Get ready as you would for going into the office every day. Create a workspace in your home. Try to keep as regular a work schedule as possible and hold yourself accountable for your tasks and achieving your outcomes. Keep your work time and personal time separate as much as is possible.

Overall, make the best of whatever your situation is. Be trustworthy, take ownership, be accountable and be patient with yourself if you are adapting to a new normal.

Yours in Adapting & Being

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