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Living in a COVID-19 world for more than a year has challenged us all in many different ways. Our resilience has been tested in ways not experienced pre-pandemic. If you haven’t already, try some of the following for a better mindset:

Think of the impacts and consequences of your responses, approach, choices and reactions to everyday personal and professional situations. Which of your thought processes and behaviours are most valuable and productive to you? Think about the people who positively impact you. How do they do this?

Think of those things that affect you that you cannot influence or control. Then think of someone who you perceive to be a high performer or achiever and consider what they would do in response to each of these things. You might find you are able to influence or control the situation a little bit by thinking about it differently or at least change how you might feel or react to it.

Thinking about the past year what are a few things you have learned about yourself and life in general. Then think of how you might use your insights to further develop yourself to be more productive and be a better parent, sibling, friend, or colleague. What behaviours do you want to keep, discard or learn?

A recent article I read had me thinking about this and after listing various things found the process valuable. I do hope some of these might ignite your thinking to discover how you might adapt your attitudes and behaviours.

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