I am a wife and a mom to three incredible children. I enjoy learning about developing one’s self, and am passionate about people, young and old.

I believe that we often hold back on who we truly are, sharing what we think, and what we truly feel in family matters, with our significant others, our children, and with our colleagues in the workplace. 

I write about my personal and professional experiences, and views on all things that had or still has an impact on my life. I am going to share with you how I believe acceptance and tolerance can change perspective, and also how being more mindful about distractions in life impact how present we are in our interactions with others. This of course starts with self-awareness. I would like for you to consider that it might be okay at times to say ‘I can’t’, ‘I won’t, ‘I am not okay’ and ‘No’. It is also okay to want to change old habits. It really is never too late.

So I invite you to join me on a journey of truly finding value in one’s self no matter what, and in discovering how being authentic is the pathway to coping and moving forward in any situation. Finding courage and ease, and becoming an emotionally stronger individual who is comfortable thinking, feeling and just being, without fear of being judged by others. 

Overall, I hope that my blog will inspire you to be true to yourself, and be able to process and voice your opinions, feelings, and ideas.

Yours in Adapting & Being


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