Burn Out

What is burn out? Are you burnt out? How does one identify burn out? What are the impacts of burn out? How do you manage being burnt out? These are questions I have asked myself, and have been asked over years. And I have simply recognised it in others who don’t think about it, who…

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Never Underestimate the Value of Teamwork

The last few days have been more manic than usual in both my personal and professional life. Due to work commitments over the past week, I found myself having to travel around five hours a day to get to and from where I needed to be in order to get my job done. This is…

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Thought of the Day

Sorry – Post delayed this week! I am certain you will be able to resonate with the fact that there are times when you just cannot do everything you want to. And in these times you have to make choices. Sometimes, these choices entail not doing certain things despite how passionately you feel about it…

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