Managers who want to Control Everything, and Fear Delegation

Do you know a manager who wants or wanted to control everything? Were you or are you that manager? In my experience, the common three reasons for this need to control are: the assumption by the manager that they know everything; the belief that they can do everything better themselves; and the claims that they do not have the time to train others to do something. They, however, fail to recognise how destructive and inhibiting this is. When I first became a line manager responsible for employees, I exhibited these traits. In addition to the three reasons outlined above, I was simply afraid of asking others to do things. Hugely problematic! Thankfully, I learned quickly. My very first journey with an Executive Coach transformed me and my life forever. As a manager and leader now for a number of years, I have also had to lead, coach and mentor my fair share of controlling managers. Advertisements

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